BrucePac has been a leader in cooked meats for over 60 years, and once again

we have created something special.  Our City Grillers creations combine our

love for the perfect burger with the most important needs of our

customers - real ingredients, food safety, and value.

The simplest menu addition ever made -

add a burger menu without the grilling!

City Grillers fully cooked, gourmet Angus

burgers are flavorful with a perfect bite

with heating instructions any operation

can implement.

Using our six gourmet burger profiles, rotate a burger a day without changing your condiments and burger toppings.

When Food Safety Matters Try City Grillers

Burgers have never been safer than with fully cooked City Grillers.  Eliminating raw burger handling significantly reduces the threat of cross contamination.

Contact City Grillers today for more ideas on implementing a profit-building, safe, gourmet burger program.
  • Made with real Angus beef for pure and full flavor
  • Fully cooked for consistent flavor and burger
    experience on demand

  • Eliminates handling of raw meats in your operation
  • Produced in USDA inspected facilities
  • Safe and Quality Assured
  • Fast and convenient ~ heat and serve

  • One quarter pound finished weight with no loss
  • Labor savings without handling and cooking raw materials
  • Full flavor profiles eliminate the need for fancy burger toppers
  • Frozen burgers with excellent shelf life